IAT Law includes world class faculty to provide you with the very best instruction in Ethics, Professional Practice, and Skills.

Our teachers and professors are experts in American and Jewish law for Jewish lawyers working toward their mandatory CLE credits, or for any legal professional interested in learning more about American law from a Talmudic perspective.

Our faculty includes over 50 Jewish thinkers and legal experts who are available to give you excellent legal instruction. All of our classes are offered with attention to the Talmud’s legal analyses of practical law, logical argumentation and moral teachings which have served as a cornerstone of humanity's civil and moral infrastructure while shaping its legal-judicial systems. You can hear from our panel of speakers—all experts in their fields—like Daniel J.Kornstein Esq. , Stanley M. Grossman Esq. , Nathan Lewin Esq. , Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe , Joel Cohen Esq. , Barry I. Slotnick Esq. , and Prof. Jeffrey Rosen.

Our instructors include professors, authors, practicing lawyers, Rabbis, and CEOs, to provide you with a wide variety of perspectives from the legal world. Our faculty comes from every area of practice, including corporate law, entertainment law, family law, environmental law, and more! Read all about our CLE seminar faculty, including their bios and subject areas, on our faculty page.

Our Faculty